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  • Five portfolio choices specifically designed and managed to focus on a well-defined trading or investment strategy. You decide what’s best for your particular trading style!
  • Comprehensive profiles of the companies in the portfolio!
  • Updates for potential entries and exits on portfolio changes!
  • Sector analysis to help identify when and where market capital is moving!
  • Trading tutorials that assist in interpreting stock movements from a technical standpoint!
  • Extensive video analysis via daily market recaps and weekend updates!
  • Daily trading discussions in the Community Forum!
  • Daily and weekly newsletters outlining potential chart trade ideas and portfolio updates!
  • A team committed to helping each individual become a better trader and bring the most profitable choices to you!
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I joined last week. Already made enough to cover the 6th month fee times 3 but following the chat room conversation.  ....
Joining Milestone capital Portfolio is the best thing I could have done. The gains are incredible and the fees are a bargain to say the least. James ....
James Colon
I joined Milestone a couple of weeks ago. Best money that I have ever spent! I have been investing/trading for 20 years. I have learned so much in the....
Hugh Hendrix
Your charts and recommendations are BY FAR the best I have seen of any service I have used. Great work ! Steve Shamah....
Steve Shamah

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