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Our #1 priority is you, the individual trader. We believe in our expertise to navigate through these tough markets and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We are 100% focused on planning and training for best potential entries and exits by using technical analysis. which is why we offer the best community of traders around in our Live Chatroom.

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Technical charting and planning is the key for best entries when planning long and short term investing or trading.

A Sneak Peek inside of Milestone

A Sneak Peek inside of Milestone

A preview of some of our most popular features once you become a member of Milestone

Our integrated member’s only chatroom where our members discuss trade ideas and learn technical analysis [...]

Keep Calm and Focus On Your Trade Plan

Plan your trade and trade your plan. That is how successful investors beat the markets. Trading is more than just picking a stock. Planning allows us to pick best entries, reasonable targets and have an [...]

Introducing Milestone’s Skynet

Introducing Milestone’s Skynet
Milestone’s Skynet is a member’s only Planning Site designed for those that are interested in Options. Each Skynet member gets access to our very own password protected chatroom plus our private blog and [...]

Apart From The Training We Provide, Features That Can Found Inside Milestone.

  • Live Chatroom for Chart Analysis

  • SkyNet 2.01 Graphical Technical Outlooks.

  • Comprehensive Chart Overviews With Annotations!

  • Webinar Training Services For Technical Analysis

  • Sector analysis to help identify when and where market capital is moving

  • Trading tutorials that assist in interpreting stock movements from a technical standpoint

  • Extensive video analysis via daily market recaps and weekend updates

  • Daily trading discussions in the Community Forum

  • Daily and weekly newsletters outlining potential chart ideas and training video updates

  • A team committed to helping each individual become a better chart analyzer

  • Learn how to make charting patterns from our learning sessions

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User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our members. When you become one, you know your training is in right hands. With over 1,400 members and counting, you cannot go wrong with Milestone. Check out what our members are saying about Us!

“Made Back Lifetime Membership fee in 1 Trade."

"WOW I don't really know what else to say. I have been a Member of Several Investing Services before. This is the Best One I have ever seen. Joined 2 weeks back, followed Matt on SPY calls trade, $5.2k to $26.7k in a week. This guy blew me away. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I am really looking forward to a new Financial future with you! Thank you so much for your hard work and expertise- AMAZING!" - Ron

I started with an account. $25,000 and now in less then a month my account sits at $57,000.00.
These folks are good at what they do and will teach their tradecraft.

Foyd (CAP), Trader/Investor
The videos are awesome. If you want to learn technical analysis, this is a great place to learn. Matt and Ray (the guys in charge) are great and enjoy helping you and answering all your questions.
I did very well in Gogo, WFM and FSLR because of their recommendations.
Being in the chatroom and trading with others is fun and makes trading even more enjoyable.
Everybody in the room is great and respectful.
Great service and keep it up!

Jonny Phun, Investor
I joined Milestone a couple of weeks ago. Best money that I have ever spent! I have been investing/trading for 20 years. I have learned so much in the last few weeks that I am amazed. I have made 30k during this time with the knowledge that I have gained from this membership. I don't think you will be disappointed at all if you were to join.

After many years of learning on my own, entering numerous chatrooms, and taking various classes in the Metro Detroit area, I've learned more from Matt about charting and Ray about scanning then ever before. Thanks so much for your non-stop seeking of knowledge of the markets, and your willingness to share it. I know you'll keep up the excellent work and always look for better ways to beat the market and teach using the latest technology to do so.

Thank you so much Milestone Capital and God Bless,

James, Trader
Joined this Group back in January! When Milestone first appeared on the Internet, I got a Lifetime membership for $375.00. Then the Membership Fee went to $500.00. Due to their Huge Success in calling trades, they no longer offer Lifetime memberships and their Fees for a Gold membership is now $700.00 per six months. That may seem like a lot, but you can easily make back your membership costs in one successful trade. I receive video updates every night for possible trades, and their Chat Room is Awesome and is filled with Top Experienced Traders! Check out their Website and view some of their Free video's! As I've always preached, As a Trader, always align yourself with the Very Best! Even a newbie can learn so much being a part of this group. They are there to help you succeed!
Steve, Options Trader

Disclaimer: Services Not Available In Oregon!

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